Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Sleeptight Henrietta

Sadly the last of my original ex battery hens has passed away, we collected 4 very sorry looking hens in April 2009 and there followed quite a steep learning curve for us but soon the hens looked so much better and started to keep us supplied with eggs. Last year 3 of the 4 passed away but dear old Henrietta kept on going and even at the beginning of this week still looked very well but she went downhill very suddenly, it's very quiet without her as she was very noisy and would announce to the world when she laid an egg! the 4 remaining hens are obviously upset as not a single egg has been laid since. We shall really miss her but knowing that she had more than 3 happy free ranging years helps.

Have done a few more wedding layouts, as there is no official wedding album it's all down to my efforts which I admit is making me nervous.Knowing this album is what Vikki and Mathew will show to people means I check and double check everything for fear of a mistake being spotted. Completely daft as no one will pay that close attention I know!

I so want to make a special keepsake for them that it is rather stifling the creative juices mad or what!

This last one I have shown before but now I am doing them in order I needed to flip it over and make a few changes.

Belle is getting well and truly fed up with the crate now and don't we know it! She's booked to see the vet on Saturday the 8th September for the next review and I am literally counting the days, I kid you not! All the other hounds are well and happy and continue to get away with all sorts whilst my attentions and energies are taken up with Belle LOL.


Jane said...

lovely Sue xx

gyeong said...

Sorry to hear about Henrietta. I had only recently heard about saving ex-battery hens. You really do have quite the sanctuary.

Sue said...

At least Henrietta had over three years living as hens should. Hope the others soon start laying again.

Well if these LOs are anything to go by, they will be thrilled.

Glad hounds are ok and I am keeping my fingers crossed that Belle will be out of that crate soon.

What Remains Now said...

This is going to be the most beautiful wedding album ever! I just love everything you're doing with it. You include such lovely, fun and memorable stories along with your scraping artistry, which is over the moon.

Glad for the hounds that you are preoccupied so they can be a little naughty. That's always fun...for them.