Saturday, 25 August 2012

Fridays scrapping

Total rubbish day, dogs were all playing up and so hyped it was awful! I managed to stick down 3 pieces of paper and 3 photo's in 5 hours LOL. Not one of my better days and of course by the time Daddy got home they had returned to their usual well behaved selves arrgh!!!

So nothing on the scrapping front to share!

I long for a beautiful courtyard garden, it's all planned out with water features etc and I know one of these days Eric will make it so for me LOL until then I have to make do with a few baskets and pots which are beautiful this year thanks to the watering system Eric installed (my Christmas prezzie). Simply turn the tap on set the timer and hey presto pots and baskets watered, love it.

Nothing planned for the long Bank Holiday weekend, hoping to catch up on some rest and Belle is now officially hard work, her next review is two weeks today and one is literally counting the days! She is very strong on the lead now and each time I take her out for toilet breaks I'm scared I'll be pulled over but when she has her supervised time out of the crate she quickly calms down and just wants to snuggle which is lovely, feel so sorry for her all that energy and frustration at not being able to play with the others. Sure hope she gets the green lights soon.


Carol said...

That looks like a pretty relaxing courtyard to tranquil!

sorry to hear about Henrietta.

glad to hear that Belle continues to improve.

Take care girlie xx

Sue said...

Loving the plants in the pots. I also love your stable door. Always wanted one of those.

Hope you get a relaxing weekend and the dogs all behave.

What Remains Now said...

I too love your courtyard. Your flowers are lovely! and the watering system sounds great. That's where I always lose the battle. I'm not much of a gardener, so I get some pots planted and do good for a while...then, I go a few days without watering (usually on the hottest days of the summer) and everything dries up.

I had to laugh at those misbehaving hounds. This happens in our home, but fortunately for me, it happens to my husband. I'll go off to do something in the evening and when I come home, he says, "These kids were horrible!" Of course by that time, they are all laying around, sweet as can be