Monday, 6 August 2012

At last

Eric got a new (2nd hand) mobile with a much better camera on and was playing around with it on the meadow.  Finally got a good photo of Twizzle and then a lovely one of Alfie LOL.

Enjoyed crop and finished this layout of me and Eric all dressed up at Vikki's wedding. Went totally overboard with pink and had to tone it down with the black swirls and red butterflies. Think it's going in a frame, well it sure won't fit in an album with all those flowers.

Little Belle has grown a whole inch and is now letting us know she is a 9 month puppy and would  really rather like to be out of the crate and playing.

Mum sent me a photo of me at my nephews wedding. L-R Mandy my sister a friend, Trudy my neice and me.

Had a quiet weekend and watched a lot of the Olympics, usually I feel very guilty sitting down doing nothing but it would be most rude and disrespectful not to watch the home Olympics I figure.

Off to hand clinic tomorrow, no doubt further torture awaits LOL.

Sue x


Sue said...

Lovely photos of Twizzle and Alfie.

Stunning LO.

Another nice photo for you to do a LO with.

Good luck with the hand clinic tomorrow.

Sandra's Spot said...

Love the LO and oics of doggies BUT you look Stunning in that dress those colours really suit you. Hugs Sandra X

gyeong said...

So that's what Twizzle looks like :) I think taking pics of the kids is a great reason to upgrade electronics.

What Remains Now said...

That is a good picture of Twizzle! Of course, I'm loving your page from Vicki's wedding. The flowers are stunning! Your dress at your nephew's wedding is beautiful. I love the color.