Saturday, 22 September 2012

Day 1

Friday 21st September Portpatrick to New Luce 23.5 miles.

The boys wetting their feet at the start of the walk and as tradition dictates will have picked up a pebble to place on the beach when they wet their feet at the end of the walk.
 Steve and Marc
 Steve and Stuart and Portpatrick harbour

Report from Day 1 Portpatrick to New Luce 23.5 miles

Lovely weather but ground so sodden that Marc had to change socks 3 times and Steve slipped and fell down a hill! Only managed to walk 2.5 miles per hour as the ground was so heavy going! By the time they finished all 3 had very sore feet and were exhausted, sounds like a bit of a rough start! They did see quite a few RED squirels though.

Day 2 is New Luce to Bargennan 18.5 miles

They have just set off with a frost under foot and temp abou 2 degrees.

Brilliant news from the dress down day at Marc's son school, Marc did a talk in July about striving to do your best which tied in with the Olympics that the children had been studying and how it was import to always try to do your best and to help other people which led into why they were doing the walk! the school decided to mark the start of the walk with a dress down day for which the children would pay75p each, final amount to be counted but looks to be around £250!


What Remains Now said...

Well, I guess the best thing about a slow start is that most likely it will get easier. Get the tough stuff out of the way first. What an awesome result from the dressdown day. I know they are going to raise the full amount!

gyeong said...

A bit of a rough start. Hopefully drier ground ahead. What a great way for the school to get involved.

Sue said...

What terrible conditions for the lads. Sure hope it improvbes for them.

Well done the kids at the school.