Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Twizzle and Belle

We’ve just spoken to Tom our vet and he says Twizzle has a condition called Lumbosacral Disease, it could be caused from a trauma or more likely it’s a congenital deformity. In layman terms she has abnormal discs between the lower lumber and pelvis with new bone growth becoming calcified which is squashing nerves and inflaming tissues, he also feels she has had this condition from birth given the amount of damage the x ray has revealed (Twiz is 2). There is an operation but it is major major surgery and quite dangerous with no promise of a good outcome. For now we will carry on with the pills which will help reduce the inflammation and reduce her pain and review in 4 weeks. Eric has an appt later today to go and and view x rays and discuss in more detail, totally and utterly floored by this news, we had a feeling it wasn’t going to be good but this is really serious with no easy quick fix.

Any good thoughts for Twizzle would be appreciated.

Eric will also book Belle's operation to remove the plate and pins as greyhound gap have said yes. Timing it right will be tricky as it needs to be in next 5 weeks and as Belle will require crate rest for a week following the operation and lead only for toilet breaks we need to get it done before my operation 25/10 as I daren't risk spoiling my new hand and the other will be in plaster. Life is begining to feel rather stressful again!

Eric took this photo of Alfie last week and I couldn't resist taking a break from wedding layouts to scrap it!

And another two layouts done!

How deceptive a photo can be, looks like I'm actually walking the dogs, actually I was just hanging on whilst Eric took a photo LOL.

I'm off Friday for my long weekend break so will update you on my return.

Sue x


Sue said...

I was so sorry to read this news about Twizzle. It's so unfair and partiularly in such a young dog. I hope the tablets work for a very long time to come.

Hope Belle's appointment can be sorted.

Lovely LO of Alfie. The wedding ones are just stunning.

Had to laugh at the photo of you with the pack. Good job they didn't all take off.

gyeong said...

Oh Twizzle. Hope the meds can control the inflammation and pain. I'm sure Belle will be very happy to have the plates and pins removed.

Sandra's Spot said...

Hi Sue such a shame about twiz, hope the tablets work. Love the layouts what a fantastic photo Eric took. Have a restful andr crafty weekend. Hugs Sandra XXX

Carol said...

Oh sue don't you sometimes wish that life could be uncomplicated for a little while? Can't believe the situation with twizzle,let's hope that the tablets can control it.

Fingers crossed for belle.

Enjoy your weekend think you could both do with the break xx

What Remains Now said...

So sorry to hear about Twizzle. I hope that the pain and inflammation can be controlled with medicine. I hope that Belle has a quick recovery from the removal of the plate and pins so that you can recover nicely from your surgery. I love your layouts. Sue, you are so talented. It amazes me every single time I see your pages. I hope you have a wonderful break and I can't wait to see what you do. Of course, I love the picture of you with the pups. You look quite in control.