Monday, 24 September 2012

Day 3

Day 3 Sunday 23rd September Bargrennan to St Johns town of Dalry 23.5 miles

Update done by Marc last and this is what he had to say!

Beautiful days walking
First past loch trool and up into the Galloway hills where we encountered a pair of red kites
Descent towards loch dee and ascent onto the 'awful hand ridge !'-- it's official name which is part of the hills of Merrick
Followed very picturesque waterfalls and rivers
Saw 4 people all day
Very quiet and completely wild
Navigation has on the whole been pretty good ( pat on the back for Marc !! ) compass come in handy a couple of times

Bogs encountered two miles from the end were annoying !!
Another 3 kites and a buzzard seen before arriving in Dalry
Gorgeous roast dinner to round off the day and update the face book page in bed !!
Various injuries between the 3 include sore calves , shins , shoulders blisters and bum chaffing ( Steve !!)
Tomorrow is prob the hardest days walk any of the 3 have undertaken
27 miles which is by far not the highest total in a day but severe weather looming v difficult moors and mountains to navigate and day light hours to contend with
Keep the faith and remember our reasons for setting out on this assist such a worthwhile charity
and some photo's first is Marc and Stuart outside a bothie which are built for walkers to take shelter in!
 Lunch spot over looking Lock dee
 Stuart and Marc at Castle Kennedy loch
 Toady's is Day 4 St Johns town of Dalry to Sanqhar 27.5 miles

This is the day we have all been worrying about and with severe weather warning in place they have been advised by a local who is an experienced hill walker not to attempt to go into the hills but to take a different route, same mileage and safer. With very heavy hearts the boys have decided to take the man''s advice as it would be foolhardy to ignore the locals, especially as they are the last party to do the walk this year, usually no one attempts it this late into the season because of the weather and shorter daylight hours. 

I have to admit to still being worried but much  happier that they have changed the route, they started walking at 7am and it should be 12-13 hours before they finish! Will feel much happier once today is completed.

Anyone who would like to make a donation no matter how small can do so here

Sue x


gyeong said...

The weather may not be cooperating, but the scenery is beautiful.

What Remains Now said...

I can feel your relief that these two days went well. What an accomplishment! Please let them know that we are following along and sending best wishes.

Sue said...

Glad the lads have taken the different route.

Steve, Hope your bum chaffing isn't too bad:) Bet you will get your own back on Marc for naming names:)

Keep going lads.