Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Day 5

Tuesday 25th September Sanqhar to Wanlockhead - 8 miles half day!

Check this out, a friend did it for me and it shows much better the route and terrain of the walk.

Spoke to Marc last night, terrible mobile reception so a brief update.

They started walking at 9.45 this morning and it took over 4 hours to walk the 8 miles due to the North easterly winds of 60-70mph which were blowing them sideways with driving rain buffeting them around like rag dolls.
They had to climb to 1600ft, then back down, then up again to 1500ft, ground was again saturated and the conditions were horrendous! Stuart fell three times going down and by the last time was soaking wet and non to impressed with being laughed at by Marc and Steve!

At one point they needed to cross a bog to reach a bridge, Stuart went first and leapt the bog skidded onto the bridge which was cover in moss and apparently looked like a duckling on ice, Steve followed and reached the bridge but slid off into the bog and sustained a huge bruise, this time he was the butt of much laughter! Marc decided being shorter that he wouldn’t reach the bridge and put one foot in the bog before reaching the bridge and also skidded giving his recovering knee a worrying jolt.

Tonight they are staying in the highest village in Scotland; all the locals have been very kind and friendly to the mad Englishmen trying to complete the walk in such conditions so late in the season.

Marc says he tipped his socks up to pour out the water and it ran for 4 seconds, hence the badly blistered feet.

So a shocker of a day but spirits remains high and not just down to being in the highest village in Scotland!

Tomorrow they walk to Moffat 20.5 miles but the weather forecast is much better!

Anyone wishing to make a small donation can do so by visiting their just giving site all money raised goes to Greyhound Gap!


Sue said...

By heck the lads are going through it. Should think for next years walk, they'll pick somewhere nice and warm:)

gyeong said...

Hope it dries out for them soon.

What Remains Now said...

I'm feeling for them, but I know they are making wonderful memories that they'll be talking (and laughing) about for years to come. I hope they get some good days.