Thursday, 27 September 2012

Day 6

Wanlockhead to Moffat 20.5 miles

Update from Marc as good mobile signal!

At 0845 we ventured out to begin our attack of the Southern Lowther hills 2378ft
Cold moss 2060ft laight hill 1663 ft which were not in forgiving mood
Very steep ascents and steep descents shrouded in cloud mist and heavy rain
Steve and Stuart ( the chuckle brothers !! ) continued their personal competition on whom can slip / fall the most and as such Marc took his normal position behind these two for self preservation reasons when going down hill !
Steve was knocked onto all fours by a wayward gust of wind and shortly after Stuart was blown off a dry wall !!
We reached Daer Reservoir which represented the 106 miles halfway stage and stopped for a brief lunch ( and of course customary by now to change out of wet socks !! )
We continued along to a smaller range of hills sweetshaw brae 1469ft Hods hill 1860ft & Beld knowe 1663ft in driving rain before venturing into a forest plantation for 8 miles - which proved tricky as many trees had obviously come down in the gales and thus were blocking the way ahead !! More bogs and a spectacular FORWARD slide and fall by Stuart into the bog raised morale !! eventually we made it out of the trail to descend into Beattock and after the last climb the final mile into Moffat arriving at 1801 hrs which gave an approx 2.38 miles per hour which all things considered was acceptable
Lots of clothes washing going on at the moment before tea and discussions for tomorrow / researching of the route.

Photo of Steve and Stuart at the half way point of the walk.

Anyone who would like to make a small donation can do so here all money goes to greyhound gap's kennel fund!would


What Remains Now said...

I love your updates, Sue! Hard to imagine those winds. This is no walk in the park. What an adventure. Congratulations guys on reaching the halfway point!

gyeong said...

They still look in high spirits.

Sue said...

Nice to keep up with the lads. That last photo made me smile:) Is Steve doing the I'm a Teapot song?:)