Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Super weekend

Well what can I say, the weekend was was wonderful, we stopped on the way to do the food shop then had lunch on the Norfolk Broads eating our sandwich and watching the boats go by. Caravan had central heating which was lovely first thing in the morning, spent the mornings scrapping followed by a siesta and then a walk down to the beach and then back to scrapping, weather was warm enough to have caravan door open and Dawn and I agreed it was our best weekend away ever. Came home feeling rested and so much better.

Dogs were very pleased to see me and the house was spotless AND Eric had put the french doors into the side wall of the garage which means work on my craft room has started! of course he still needs to build a massive shed to house all the motorbikes but I was still thrilled to see those doors in as they have been leaning against the wall for about a year LOL.

Belle is now have two short walks a day and we will gradually build them up, her operation to remove plate and screws is booked for the 9th October and she will need to be on crate up to then and then for a week after but she is getting more time out of the crate when we can shut her in the lounge with us.

Twizzle is a bit better on the pills but still not great, having discussed the problem with the vet we will leave her on the pills for a month and then review. basically if the problem has been caused by a trauma the damage may not get any worse if it's a congenital defect then it will deteriorate much like arthritis only the end result would be paralysis of the rear legs. There are options with various operations so we shall just have to wait and see where this goes, Twizzle remains her beautiful happy self and even when she screams her tail still wags.

So paper layouts done on holiday, they were all class kits from the crops  I go too, some I tweaked a bit and some I stuck to the kit.

This is from Papermaze and designed by Janet Warren Photo is  Orin.
 Another from Papermaze designed by Lou Collins The girls dressed up for the hen night, Dawn's daughter Hollie, my Vikki and my niece Trudy
designed by Janina, think I have enough bits left to do a 2nd matching page. My sister in law Kelly, daughter Katie, brother Bob and his son Andrew.
 Bramford again by Janina, photo of my Gran.
 Papermaze designed by Lesley (I think), Photo is my brother Bob (home from America) me, my sister and my youngest brother
 Bramford by Janina, photo is my gran, my mum and my Uncle John


hotpotato said...

Gosh Sue you did so many layouts.So pleased you have recharged your batteries and feel better for it.

Sue said...

So glad you and Dawn had such a good break. Think we all deserve one of those every other month:)

Fabby LOs.

Will keep Tweizzle inmy toughts.

Jane said...

looks like you had fun!

What Remains Now said...

So glad you had a wonderful time! and came home to a clean house AND the start of your studio...it doesn't get much better than that.

Carol said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend, just what you needed. Looks like you were busy too - lovely layouts and such gorgeous piccies, special memories..xx

Good news about Belle and Fingers crossed for Twizzle xx


Sandra's Spot said...

Fabulous Lo's Sue, so glad you had lovely weekend break the weather was perfect. Hugs Sandra X
PS Wahoo those French doors in. X