Friday, 28 September 2012

Day 7

Day 7 Moffat to St Mary's loch -22,2 miles

spoke with Marc and here’s his update.

A less eventful day!

First 6 miles walked through a high-level forest plantation, then climbed to Ettrick head approx 1700ft, shortly after crossed out of Dumfries into Scottish Borders County.

Next an exhausting 6-mile stretch on tarmac, which was a killer for the feet, the road, followed the Ettrick water between two picturesque valleys.

Saw a badger, started climbing again up to 1400ft, and then 4 miles on a thin ridge ¾ way up a valley had to take it slow for fear of falling on loose rocks. Next a 21/2 mile decent into St Mary Loch, temperatures rapidly dropping and all suffering from cold and exhaustion.
 Tonight they are staying at Tibbie Shiels Inn, which is the only place in a 15 square mile radius and has been taking in travellers for hundreds of year.

Today they walk 25.6, the official guidebook splits it into two days but they’re attempting in 1 day setting off at 7am and hoping to finish by 7pm! 

After tomorrow the days should be shorter and hopefully a bit easier as the 3 are exhausted.


hotpotato said...

the boys are doing really well.

Sue said...

What a lovely place to stop and get rested ready for the next day.

They are really doing well in such awful conditions.

What Remains Now said...

Just love your updates! I'm curious...You mention that this is late in the season for the walk. When is the "ideal" time to do this walk?