Saturday, 29 September 2012

Day 9

Day 9 29 th September Galashiels to Lauder 14 miles

Today they had a lie in and left at 10.30am and weren't really in the right mind set today having convinced themselves it would be a gentle stroll.

Weather was dry but bitterly cold wind and ground remains soaked and boggy. They had a nice walk by the River Tweed and saw lots of people fly fishing, followed by some gentle hill climbing. Soles of feet were burning and sore all day and they all had to take painkillers.

Finished walk at 4pm and had fish and chips for tea then on to B & B to get feet off the ground.

Tomorrow they walk 16 miles to Longformacas 12 of which are across the top of moors and the weather forecast is grim.

Only 42 miles remain and spirits remain high!

The end is in sight.

So many of my blogging friends have been kind enough to put the walk on their blogs and make generous to donations, thank you all xx. I have a lovely friend in America Lori, we share a love of crafting and greyhounds and Lori put a lovely piece on her blog, take a look here.

I posted the banner on Thursday up to Scotland so when the boys finish the walk they can take a photo with the greyhound gap banner, only the postman delivered it to me today, he said "Hi Sue got you a parcel" I promptly burst into tears and screamed nooooooooooooooooo, poor chap was horrified when he realised what had happened, how the heck they can confuse TO and FROM is beyond me, Eric flew over the road to the Post Office they to had no idea how such a mistake could happen but did refund the postage. No way of getting it to them now so will have to do some clever editing of the final photo (well Eric will LOL).

Sue x

PS Little Belle had her first run in the garden, no lead, no Mummy yelling at her to stop pulling, she couldn't quite believe it and just had a little run than walked beside me.


Sue said...

Maybe if you put out a plea on your local radio station, someone with a motorbike would take it up.

Glad the lads can see the end in sight now.

So glad Belle had a run today.

hotpotato said...

The boys are doing so well and I'm loving seeing the gorgeous photos they are taking.

gyeong said...

Such beautiful scenery, but I'm sure they'll be happy to be back home soon. Sucks about the banner.

houndstooth said...

They're doing so well! I'm impressed! We hiked fifteen miles one Saturday, and it took us two days to recover. lol

What Remains Now said...

So sad about the banner. Thank goodness for Photoshop and those that know how to use it. I hope the guys get fair weather for the end. It will be interesting to hear how they recover and their thoughts about the walk. It was my pleasure to write about the walk. It has truly captured my imagination. What fun for Belle! I hope her recovery continues to go well. I think about Twizzle often. I hope she is doing okay. Paws crossed and prayers that some last minute donations come in...they are very close to meeting their goal!