Saturday, 29 September 2012

Day 8

Day 8 Tibbie Shiels to Galashiels 26.5 miles

Marc's update...........

26.3 miles completed  and the last long day behind us :-)
We set off at 0745 and had been left a free pack up each as we left prior to breakfast which we thought was very kind.

A gorgeous 4 miles walk along at Mary's loch with the sun rising above the hills was nice until we startled a heard of cattle that had nowhere to go apart from move on in front of us! They eventually got stranded at the stile we needed to climb to continue, attempting to be as passive as possible we almost succeeded until the the last one got scared and spun on the spot spraying Steve with mud and cow poo in the process !!

We climbed again through plantations and bogs !! Before arriving at our half way point -- the village of tranquir at 1239 (9 minutes behind our schedule). The weather was unkind as torrential rain hit us just as we settled down against a wall to eat !! We had a 15in lunch before we climbed again 4 large hills to meet the 3 brethren land mark,Ne'er descending below 1600 feet during the afternoon.

Everyone had niggles and credit to all that no one complained but got there heads down in the knowledge each mile got us closer to tranquil.With 3 miles left as we descended into a small wood where we met the first people who were doing the same walk !! Two American girls who had started the day from where we had , had our lunch !!

They were rather impressed we had caught them having had 12.5 miles head start on us ! It was good to chat to some different people as we descended into Galashiels and headed straight for a pub that was willing to accept 3 guys covered in mud !!  to eat as once at our overnight stop in this very large town in comparison to other previous stops. 

 I don't mind admitting I was relieved to speak to Marc  last night and hear they were all still in good spirits and knowing the worst was behind them! The walking season is usually finished by beginning of September because of the risk of bad weather and the much shorter daylight hours in Scotland. It would have been easier for them had they walked in May as per the original plan but of course Marc's injury and operation meant they had to reshedule!. On the news it's said North England and Scotland have had the worst storms this last week in decades, typical LOL. Still what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Stuart in particular has done so well, he's much younger and has no experience unlike Marc and Steve who have done several long distance walks and run marathons. Marc says Stuart hasn't once complained and has kept his good humour despite being continually soaked from falling so much.

Doesn't look like we will reach our target this year but every penny donated will go towards the greyhound gaps kennel fund and every penny raised counts. We still have another £300 plus to put in ourselves from fund raising events so think it will end up fairly respectful.

Many thanks to everyone who has donated. Anyone who would like to donate can do so here


Sue said...

So glad the lads are over the longest days.

Had to smile as it always seems to be Steve that's falling, or has a chaffed bum, or something:)

gyeong said...

Reminds me of my trip a year ago to Scotland. I expected a bit of rain, but not the hurricane that hit. The crazy weather will make for great stories later at the pub :)

houndstooth said...

What a cool idea for a fundraiser! I hope the rest of the trip goes a lot easier, though! :)

What Remains Now said...

I just think of how the guys will be talking about this for years and years to come. Horrible times usually make the best memories and funniest stories. They are getting you some great pictures to scrap!