Saturday, 8 September 2012

Weekly round up!

Another busy week for the Taylor house!

Report from Belle's visit to vets today

Vet really pleased with her, she shows no sign of pain or discomfort in leg, however he would prefer to remove plate and pins in 4-6 weeks as the screws do interfere with the ulna bone and he feels in the long term they  could cause problems. I have left greyhound gap a message to see whether they can fund the removal of them. In the mean time we carry on with crate rest, lead only exercise but in two weeks her jabs will give her full cover and walks outside of the garden can begin.

I was desperately hoping for more freedom for her but as vet said we’ve come so far lets err on the side of caution. Easy for him to say!

Twizzle’s visit to vets today

Also took Twizzle as she has been screaming with pain when she runs (it doesn't stop her running) rested her all last weekend and didn't improve and then if we even tried to touch her rear end she cried and Twizzle is very stoic  

Not so good news! Vet thinks the screaming when she runs may be as a result of a neurological condition or a congenital defect (both of which I had been thinking) has prescribed some painkillers but if it’s leaning towards what he thinks the pills won’t have any effect, booked in for x rays Wednesday but again probably won’t show what he suspects but it’s a starting point, he thinks she will need a cat scan. Feel really sad as we all suspect it could potentially be serious but keeping paws crossed that it isn’t.

Bone day Wednesday! favourite day of the week for the hounds
 Belle getting supervised time out of the crate!
 Alfie Bear
 Belle and Mummy with Twizzle almost in shot
 Wish I knew what caught there attention Belle has a constant shadow in Orin he seems to feel the need to be her protector, not that she needs one I can assure you, madam is more than capable of taking care of herself.

Yes every now and then Gangley does move off the sofa LOL

 Twizzle and Alfie
 Gangley and Mojo
 Mojo plotting his route to roar around the field

 5 out of 7 in one photo plus a very weary me.
 Twizzle watching the children playing football and probably wondering how she could pinch their ball
 Twizzle up the meadow
Orin was featured in the Sunday telegraph a few months ago re hound needing a home sort of thing it's an article the journalist has been doing for about a year featuring different rescue centres, well he wants to do a follow up on Orin and will be contacting us for an interview!

Have my pre admission appt for the operation I will have on 25th Oct, darn it I was doing such a good job not thinking about it but now I have the pre admission appt I can't get it out of my head grrrrr

Layouts prepared for my weekend away, I don't think I have ever need a break this badly before, Belle was playing and managed to catch my hand with a tooth and the skin ripped quite badly so consequently I now have anti biotics because my immune system is squashed with drugs we can't take the risk and they are making me feel yuck on top of exhausted, poor Belle not sure who is struggling more her or me.

Wedding layouts13 and 14 done, have been on quite a roll with them but had to stop to prepare the paper ones for the weekend and I was itching to keep going, almost half way now yay!

Sue x


Carol said...

well, sort of good news about Belle then - although not so good news for you.

Twizzle - paws crossed, in fact everything crossed Sue xx

Totally stunning layouts, that album is going to be sensational.

it was lovely bumping into you earlier - really hope that you and Dawn have a fab weekend away...xx

Sue said...

Glad the vet thinks Belle is doing well and I hope the next few weeks fly by, so she can go walks. Also hoping the op goes smoothly and she recovers quickly so she can get into being a puppy.

Poor Twizzle. I really hope they find it is something that can be treated. I amsending her special healing thoughts.

Sure Orin will give a good pose for the photo in the paper:)

I hope your op goes ahead on the date and you can get it out of the way.

LOs are lovely.

Sure the break away will do you the world of good.

Jane said...

poor Twizzle, hope it's not as bad as you all think x

What Remains Now said...

Wow, Sue. You have a lot going on! Good news about Belle...except for the next few weeks of crate rest. I feel so bad about Twizzle. Hope & pray that it is not serious. Love the digital layouts and hope you have a restful and fun time on your scrapping weekend. Can't wait to see what you do.

Hiking Hounds said...

Poor Twizzle, I hope they're able to find out what's causing the pain and fix her up. Great that Belle is doing so well. Have a great weekend!

gyeong said...

Busy week. Poor Belle, but it will be better in the long run. Won't even remember the extra few weeks. Paws crossed for Twizzle. I wish my kids had such a nice field to run in. What a cute gang you have.