Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Day 4

Monday 24 Sept Day 4 - St Johns town of Dalry to Sanqhar 27.5 miles

Marc's account of day 4

Today started with an 0630 breakfast during which long discussions were held....a severe weather warning stated 69mph winds and  3 inches of rain would fall...we wanted to stick to the route which would be over the highest mountains yet 3 peaks over 2000ft but our experience suggested this could be foolish , no civilisation or roads would be passed and with the ground so boggy prior to today we were also concerned with poor visibility and potentially struggling with map reading if the wind was high especially as it was and east-north-east wind which would mean a head wind.
We eventually spoke to some locals in the post office including a local postman who was an avid hill walker who stated it would be silly to attempt it with what had been forecast
As such plan B was too walk a route (off the official route) but just as far at low level which entailed a lot of Tarmac (not great on the feet ) but would give us the opportunity to walk on an even surface and faster.
The rain was more persistent than torrential and the wind very gusty but nowhere near 60mph
Although looking up at the hills shrouded in cloud told a different story on the tops.
We scuttled along to a small village called Moniavie and found a pleasant coffee shop to take lunch and dry off. It was only then we were able to borrow an ordinance map ( ours only cover the route and a thin strip either side in case of small detours ) and realised we were motoring along at 3.75mph having coveted 15 miles in 4 hours.

We slowed down during the afternoon probably through fatigue higher wind and heavier rain to complete the day at 3.5mph. It was only after we stopped that we realised the speed of the walk had kept us warm as shivering took hold soon after! waterproofs on all 3 did a superb job having taken a constant battering and even the backpacks with the water proof covers coped ....just !!
Lovely B & B on a working farm with a room each ! (luxury!!) and our first TV ! 

Weather forecast states the worst will occur from 2000-0400 so it looks like the low pressure hadn't quite made it over us at the time stated but we think it was still a good call.

We could get very lucky with just moderate 30mph winds tomorrow and mainly dry! Here's to hoping !!! 

  Our guide book states we have been walking through 'Robert the Bruce land' in which many battles were fought against King Edwards army ....maybe this is some kind of tribute ?!...

* (sue)* I will just add with such terrible weather conditions I spent the whole days worrying myself silly, Marc was really good and sent me regular texts throughout the day to keep me happy! I was mighty relieved when they finished walking yesterday!

Day 5 Sanqhar to Wanlockhead 8 miles  

Today is their half day, Marc has built this into the schedule to allow time for feet to recover and get some extra rest.


hotpotato said...

they're doing really well.

Sue said...

Glad yesterday went well and today they don't have so many miles.

What Remains Now said...

Glad they took the lower road. So glad that things are progressing well and I hope they get some beautiful weather during this walk. Any chance?