Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Friday's scrapping day turned out to be a very sad day! My friend Sue very suddenly had to let her beautiful blue greyhound go to the bridge, Song had only been off colour for a few days and the shock for Sue must have been terrible. Please visit Sue's blog if you want to know more and leave her a message.

After hearing about Song my heart really wasn't into scrapping but I managed to finish this layout off, it tells the story on how Orin came to us.

Have done another 2 wedding layouts pages 11 and 12, aiming for 30!

But now I must now get myself ready and prepare some paper layouts ready for my weekend away. Dawn and I usually go once a year but as we went so early this year because her daughter was due in June having had her first baby almost 4 weeks early we thought it best to play safe and went in May, so we're treating ourselves to another weekend of scrapping and chilling out, only 10 more sleeps before we go LOL.

Belle will be going to the vets Saturday for 2nd lot of jabs and a review, desperately hoping she can have more time out of the crate.

Sue x


Sue said...

Tank you for mentioning Song.

Orin's LO is fab and the wedding ones are just stunning.

So glad you are getting away for a weekend. You deserve a good rest.

I will keep everything crossed that Belle's is allowed out of the crate, even if she still has to be kept on a lead when out.

Jane said...

so sorry to hear about Song Sue.

karen said...

great layouts and have afabby weekend away. Sorry to read about your friends dog song

What Remains Now said...

Song's passing just broke my heart. I like that you did the Orin page. It seems fitting to remember Song by doing a page that is a memory of just how special our pups are to us. I am SO happy that you are going to slip an extra time away to scrap and be with your friend. Can't wait to hear all about it. Good luck, Belle. I hope you're healing up.

Declan said...

Have a great time away. Paws crossed for Belle x