Sunday, 22 July 2012


Well after about 6 hours travelling and swapping cars mid way little Belle arrived safe and sound! Considering all that she went through yesterday, leaving the lovely vet nurse who had been taking care of her and the long journey she coped extremely well and wasn't too stressed.  She ate her tea and went outside on the lead for toilet breaks then slept all night with just 1 toilet break, I'd say that exceeded my wildest expectations LOL.

Elmo is a bit quiet, probably feeling a bit off with the anti biotics but his skin is looking better already.

Orin has been chosen to appear in next year's Greyhound Gap calender, well he is very handsome after all.

Twizzle now she's formally a Taylor dog is being a real handful and is a demon ragger, mat by conservatory doors bit the dust this morning but it's so hard to be cross with her when she wags and thumps her tail and gives you the biggest smile LOL.

Gangley has really taken to Twizzle and Twizzle seems to understand that she has to play more gently with Gangley who is tiny.

Chickens are much happier as we've laid some wood shavings in the compound so they're no longer sinking in the mud and it does look like the week ahead will be dry!

My brother, wife and daughter land at heathrow tea time, it's been 4 long years since we were all together so one is very excited.

Paypal have finally resolved the dispute and refunded me the £470 some rotter stole from me.

Yesterday's crop was lovely but I didn't get much done as my right hand/wrist is failing fast and as the left one still isn't fully functional didn't leave me with much LOL, still I enjoyed chatting and chilling.

My daughter has hurt her back rather badly which in itself is rotten but they fly out to America on Thursday for their honeymoon, really worried how she will cope poor thing.

Shall try and get a photo of Belle today, she is quite simply stunning!

Think that rounds up the last few days at the manic Taylor house

Sue x


Sue said...

Sounds like Belle was a very good girl after that day. Hope she heals up quickly and can get out of the crate.

Glad Elmo is improving.

Hope Orin won't let the fame go to his head:)

So glad Twizzle and Gangley have become friends.

Glad PayPal paid up.

I hope they can sort your right hand out soon.

Hope Vikki's back improves and she can enjoy the honeymoon.

Have a lovely time with your family.

Janet said...

Hi Sue,you didn't say Belle was coming yesterday,hope she gets well soon,we found that poo picker up that I said about yesterday,I'll bring it to Bramford next time ( it is clean LOL)
Janet x

What Remains Now said...

So much going on! Can't wait to hear more about Belle and hope your visit with your brother & family is wonderful.

Sandra's Spot said...

Hi Sue You'll soon need an extension for all those hounds at least this one is smaller LOL. I must say twizzle looks as if she has found utopia and of course she really has. Hugs Sandra XXX

Hiking Hounds said...

Well, it sounds like things have been exciting! I can't wait to see some pictures of everyone together.